Learning Curve: Introduction to blockchain Development

Learning Curve is a monthly learning event organized by learn to code Africa community.

The next event I will be guest discussing on introduction to blockchain development in #Sophia and #Aestudio.


Holding on Thursday August 27th by 4pm

Venue Facebook live.


We look forward to have another amazing time with the learn to code Africa community learning about aeternity development and Sophia.




I had a super interactive time with the learn to code Africa community discussing about blockchain technology and æternity blockchain.

We went from understanding blockchain to discussing real world applications and developing on æternity.

The event went in an interview manner which we discussed theoretically and then had a session for discussing smart contracts on aeternity using AE studio writing out sophia.

We saw smart contracts in action and we did a demo of how a dapp works and also deployed a written smart contract for developers who were the audience of the event to get started building on aeternity.

We also looked at the Erlang underlining technology behind aeternity and lots more

The event had 45 views as at event time and still grows by the day.

Reference the live stream on Learn to code Africa Facebook page which is has the highest number of views at event time of the learning curve bi weekly event.

Twitter post

YouTube video Edited and updated

We are gaining more audience in developer communities and we hope to do more.


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