Ledger account & base aepp

I have just purchased a ledger nano x, installed and transferred my coins to Ledger address which i can see my AE balance in base aepp browser on pc,
but not in app on mobile phone.
Is this correct?

Hey @martin61, the mobile versions of the Base aepp have been slower to update because of app stores’ requirements and restrictions. @stoyan.chain can confirm :wink:


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Sorry, what I meant was I can see see my ledger acc on the base aepp browser on my pc, but not on the iPhone base aepp.

Have you connected the mobile Base æpp with the one in your desktop browser via QR code?

Hi stoyan,
No I haven’t, I can’t see where to get the QR code from the desktop browser.

Do you see the tab in the screenshot below? It’s right next to the Ledger tab…

Yes I have done that but can’t see my ledger balance in the base aepp on my iPhone.
I think I may have to do a reset and start again.
Thank you

Hmmm… This part works for me.

You might want to backup your seed and reset, like you suggested.

Try resetting first and then connecting the desktop base aepp + mobile base aepp again… and let us know if it works.

I dont get that connection tab either to connect my ledger to base app. Will try a reset

All sorted now!!
Reset base aepp in browser and mobile phone.
Thanks for your help :blush:


Reset data, all good now, thanks Martin/Stoyan

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