Ledger migration issue


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Hello again.
I have updated my Ledger Nano to the lastest version, I have the new AE app as well, but I still have the same issue.

When I open my wallet I can’t see the token I migrated. When I check here: explorer.aepps.com it says mistake. However, when I check: the page for migrate aeternity, then I can see my token.
The problem is that if I cannot control my wallet, I shouldn’t continue with the migration process. What do you think about that? Why my wallet address is not possible to check in the explorer.aepps.com?
I think I am out of the first stage of the migration due to date, but I would like to solve this for the next one.
Thank for your help.


Sorry for the links, the system doesn’t allow me to share.


Hey @Jaavi, our devs will contact you as soon as possible.



Hey @Jaavi,

Here’s the response from our devs:

Tokens that are migrated in this phase do not show up in the WALLET immediately. This is stated in the token migration tutorial. They will be visible after the core team has done the next hard fork and we have entered the next stage of migration.

The Ledger is reading from an Aeternity node it’s connected to. None of the nodes know that the ae is available until the hard fork

The Hardfork will happen in the middle or end of February, the exact date to be confirmed.

So, don’t worry if you do not see your tokens on your ledger immediately.



Ok, Albena. Then I am going to complete the migration to my mainnet wallet.

I know the devs have a lot of work, is for that that I want to say thank to them and to you, of course, for your time and consideration with my issue.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,



You’re welcome @Jaavi, we are happy to help :slight_smile:

Just so you know, our contest for a video guide explaining the migration using Ledger just ended, so we should have a guide very soon.




The explorer works only for token that are already available on the Mainnet. Tokens that are currently being migrated will not be shown. Once the next fork goes through, you will be able to see your migrated tokens using the explorer.



Thank you Albena and Vlad for your answers and help. I have finally migrated all my AE tokens to the mainnet, as I can see on the explorer. Now, waiting for the hardfork.
You are doing a great work with Aeternity.


Hi if you want to migrate via ledger now it doesn’t work. MEW has upgraded their site. So to follow the instructions from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO0f8Wbca3A you need to add “vintage” before url. It has to look like that: https://vintage.myetherwallet.com/12345codeblabla