Let 1 billion people use aeternity (AE)!

So how can aeternity (AE) make it available to 1 billion people?

The main problems facing aeternity now: I personally, I am a fan of aeternity , I have tried to find ways to use aeternity more. As far as my personal daily life is concerned, where can I use digital currency, currently Both can be resolved with currency .

But real demand determines real value, and real value determines price. So what should we do with the road to trillions of market value of aeternity ?

According to the theory of minimum network effects, if the first 100,000 people can use aeternity , a preliminary network effect will be formed, and 1 billion people will use aeternity in the future . Where are the first 100,000 people just now? Where is the real demand for digital currency?

I summarize in three words: Innovation, illegal, restricted .

Let’s talk about innovation : If you want to allow traditional companies and merchants to accept digital currency, it may be more difficult to consider issues such as audience accuracy, laws, and compliance.

But for emerging companies, Internet companies, high-tech companies, and especially blockchain native companies, these companies should be the easiest to accept digital currencies.

A small win is a big win, and a small amount is a big trend. These companies are the spark of the widespread digital currency in the future.

Regarding illegal acts : such as drugs, gambling, etc., this is a bit awkward. It is these illegal acts that really have a strong and rigid need for digital currencies, and the anonymity of digital currencies also objectively facilitates illegal acts.

However, this point violates the law after all, and does not conform to the good public order and customs of the society. Therefore, we do not encourage this point, but it is also difficult to eliminate it.

Finally, talk about restrictions : In the current payment and settlement system with fiat currencies as the main body, many behaviors are restricted.

For example, P2P and equity payment acceptance payment systems are restricted. For example, some special industries need to go through many procedures to access the existing payment system. There are also restrictions on the amount of large transfers, such as the impact of exchange rates that are difficult to eliminate when cross-border payments and many more,

Where these fiat currency payments are restricted, it is also the main area of ​​digital currency development.

The goal of digital currency is not to replace or compete with fiat currencies, but to make up for the deficiencies of fiat currencies and compete with fiat currencies where they lack competitiveness, thereby bringing greater convenience to society.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that aeternity is guaranteed to one day become the next world reserve currency. Far from it. There is still a ton of work that needs to be done in order to scale the system to serve the global economy. But I do believe that aeternity has the best chance of achieving that goal.I see it as the better investment with the potential for a much higher rate of return.

Frankly speaking, from the perspective of business acquisition, globally, due to the efforts of many volunteers to promote, aeternity has won some adoption by users and enterprises, but in addition to a few countries and regions , The overall market adoption rate of aeternity is not high. I think this is mainly because the community’s publicity resources and technical resources are not invested in suitable areas, such as superhero.com, a product that consumes a lot of resources in the community.

Qualitative user needs

Taking superhero.com as an example, there is no doubt that superhero is a great experiment on social media , but besides AE, what else does superhero have in the market? Twitter and Facebook are now very mature, with a large number of users, and the existing system has actually formed a network effect, so why do Twitter or Facebook users still use superhero?

For superhero, many users from Twitter and Facebook have established mature and stable businesses on these platforms, and these platforms already have more functions than superhero . For now, although these traditional social platforms are centralized, users still prefer their functionality and ease of use. So please use and support Superhero.com

Commercial adoption

Commercial adoption has been the focus of the aeternity community’s efforts to promote aeternity value growth. However, compared with the energy spent, the price of aeternity has not risen significantly, and the return of adoption on the chain is negative, and the promotion of adoption has not achieved obvious results. The solution is to shift the energy from advancing the adoption of businesses and enterprises to building more applications or platforms. Simply put, the focus shifts from promoting merchants to promoting users. If there are enough users, then merchants and enterprises will naturally accept aeternity . If enough corporate customers use a certain currency and show willingness to purchase goods or services, then companies will naturally accept this currency as a payment method for their goods or services.

Moving from a merchant approach, we can start to shift our focus to building applications or platforms in a niche environment. We focus on the niche market precisely because aeternity is also a niche market. Therefore, by adding the right basic application, aeternity may shine in the right market. Therefore, the solution is to build applications in the smallest niche market in an environment with little competition.

The way forward

Aeternity has come a long way since its inception. It’s been quite a journey, with the main problem being the lack of a robust application layer. Moving forward, the community should focus on smaller markets with more opportunities for aeternity to shine, and we should do so as soon as possible. The new path builds the core application layer of aeternity and provides an opportunity to build new network effects and bring aeternity to market. This is the way forward for aeternity .

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