$Link integration to AE mainnet

Hi Guys,

This is for the superhero or core dev’s.

Guys I think via LINK oracles we can fetch in Uniswap liquidity on our mainet. What it means is our user’s will be able to swap ETH tokens for far less cost using Aeternity mainnetwork.

My friend he did it for his own network. And it only took like a week to port it . These are very small things but might be good for the community as a whole.

Sharing and internal doc from the Uniswap look alike project.

Do not get me wrong I am just trying to put some ideas to release some Defi projects before we hit bull run

My friends they are doing the same for there own networks so. that their traders are happy Pump and Dump lol!

@yani.chain, @milenradkov.chain