Logonity - POC Aepp in 1 week


In order to learn Aeternity I made 1 Week Aepp Challange.
During 1 week i developed Proof of Concet aepp from scratch.
Logonity - decentralised logo marketplace: https://logonity.mobycrypt.com
I’ve documented the design stages, as well as some development tips.
It’s not perfect, has few security flaws but it’s functional aepp.
Maybe someone can find anything useful from it.
Find out more on my blog: https://pthomann.pl/1-week-aepp-challenge-day-1-idea-and-concept/


Wow, that is so cool, thank you @PeerZet :heart_eyes:

We are always so happy when our community members play around with æternity and build on it.
If you continue at that pace - 1 æpp per week, our æpps ecosystem will get pretty rich pretty fast :smiley:

Do you have already designers willing to work on Logonity? And what would be the reward for logo creation - I suppose it will depend on how complex the logo design is, right?



That is super cool. However, the main issue I see is that it requires a private key. Base aepp integration would be a welcome addition. It is more or less the same with all other aepps that are currently coming out. We need to make it easy to integrate the Base aepp in them.


Thanks for good words :slight_smile:
So far it’s just a simple demo. I’m looking forward to make gradual changes with the evolution of Aeternity ecosystem.
@ae-albena So far it’s just a MVP, not really usable because as @ae-vlad highlighted - there is no integration with the wallet. I wait for it.
Anyway I think that the idea of commissions secured by blockchain is pretty cool concept and there is potential to use Blockchain in that space.


Absolutely a cool concept :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!
And keep us updated!


Awesome showcase @PeerZet, if you build it to full functionality i’ll use it :slight_smile: