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Hi All,

I want to take another stab at developing an aepp. I would like to develop in JS(or TS). Looking for some tutorial that walks through getting a local development environment set up. Do I need to run a node? Any dev tools to help manage the process? is Aeproject up to date? Any links for up to date start to finish tutorial/walkthrough would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


@ae-omar @nikitafuchs.chain Help please :slight_smile:

Hello @rwfresh, welcome back.

There are a few ways for doing this, but since you are developing in JS the fastest way to get up and running is by using the aeproject toolkit. Take a look at this guide: https://aeproject.gitbook.io/aeproject/developer-documentation/getting-started

The CLI can help you get the node and compiler among with some basic funded wallets for developing locally using docker. It will not work with podman at the moment.

My workflow is to create an scaffold project and bump the package.json dependencies.

It can be rough sometimes but your experience may vary (I have no clue when it comes to JS development).

Nowdays I just go straight to https://studio.aepps.com/ in order to get a prototype scaffolded and move forward from there. This is because the whole testnet/wallet setup is already done for you and the basic editor can help you get started with Sophia errors if you are starting with the language.

The JS SDK is the most up-to-date, and word is that is being updated so you should be fine and future-proof.


@arpunk.chain thanks for this! I will give it a shot.

When I deploy my dapp do I need to deploy a node as well? Is there a public node or middleware that can be used or is it needed??

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You can use a public node, there are a few official nodes and some are sponsored. You can run on the official middleware for both testnet and mainnet: GitHub - aeternity/aeternal: Æterrnal--the caching and reporting layer for the æternity blockchain

In case you are going to heavily use all the features, such as oracles, state channels and alike, I’d recommend you run your own private node for better performance and security in your dapp.

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Please be aware that the middleware you mentioned is outdated! The new middleware runs as node plugin and its Github repository is located here:

You can access the services hosted by aeternity as follows.




Sorry about that, again I got misleaded due outdated documentation.

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Yeah that needs to be cleaned up and improved. If you detect missleading or outdated information its probably good to collect it and open a thread here in the forum. That would be great :slight_smile:

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Hey, could you DM me the outdated documentation you stumbled over ? It was handled by too many people over the last years… :confused:

As a starting point, I can recommend you to watch this video: Build Blockchain Applications with Æ Studio - YouTube

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Thanks to everyone. I’m hoping to have some time today. Nikita I will check out the video. Thanks!