Lost coins after migration was successful

Hello wondering I was wondering if anybody could help. I have the same problem I migrated my tokens successfully on the 05/08/2019 (1000.0AE) and on the 21/08/2019 (8997.5AE) my address and tx are below. Is there anyway someone could look into this for me as I have tried everything I know but I cannot find them in my base aepp. Thanks for your time.

05/08/2019 1000AE


21/08/2019 8997.5AE


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Looking up the account: æternity Explorer shows one outgoing (spend) transaction that moves 9997.45 AE (i.e. more or less exactly the amount that was migrated) to another account. The transaction is th_6mC9sMDqoHmU79VAwPxeGKcPajRT67NLPLXbpYUwcMavberX2 and it was added to the chain roughly one year ago (February 22nd, 2020).

Hi Hans thanks for your reply, what i dont understand is they vanished when i was transferring them from the base aepp to my ledger nano S stick. I copied the base aepp address for the nano stick but after confirming the address as the same as the base aepp they vanished. Do you know how this can happen as i have not sent them any where else. After following the address you show this account seems to have a heap of transactions it is doing in a short amount of time its like it is a miner would this be correct. Is there anyway i can retrieve my coins from this address. Does Aeternity have a miner like other crypto coins who can locate a persons coins by giving my own address, for a fee and get them returned. Thanks for your time.

No, nothing “just happens” either you sent your tokens to the NanoS and then they are still there (or have been transferred further) or you sent your tokens somewhere else (by mistake or deliberately) and then they are somewhere else.

Its not like your tokens have your name written on them so I’m not sure what you mean by locating them?! But maybe someone else knows more, I’m not too familiar with existing services.

Ok not sure about you insinuating I deliberately sent somewhere, when following the address you sent me seems something dodgy going on the amount this person is transacting it’s like a miner I reckon hacking your base aepp system when people are shifting coins to ledger because their is no way of checking the address completely when doing transfer to ledger stick because a box instantly covers the address to be checked, this was suspose to be a good future investment for the family but I guess these inside hackers will always be around.

I wasn’t insinuating anything, I just tried to clarify that if you post a transaction that moves tokens from A to B, then tokens will move from A to B and not anywhere else as you were insinuating…