Mainnet Launch Date?


Hello everyone, we are oblivioulsy super excited by the imminent Mainnet launch.
But when is it gonna happen? Can any devs give an update?
is it for this month or december?



I am also eagerly awaiting the announcement of when the launch will be. All we really have to go on is the pivotal tracker
If you scroll down to the bottom of the left column it says the deadline for the main net candidate is November 22. I think there will be some auditing after that so I am hoping we launch in December.


thanks for the info :sunglasses:


A date is needed, because the news need to be send out and people have to prepare for it.


I feel there are a few things that need to be ironed out first, even if the epoch node is clean and running, before avalanching into running it, we need to make sure the transactions works, that you can migrate wallets, that the apps work properly, that the migration of tokens can be done, that the genesis block is fit.

I feel we are gonna have another testnet release, like a mainnet release candidate. And we see all apps running, and, after that happens, mainnet will be released, from a clean slate.

If ae developers rush to launch mainnet right now it will most considerably be really problematic.