[Maintenance] ALL Using AE JS SDK need to upgrade before IRIS

All Wallets and AE APPS Using SDK need to upgrade the aeternity/aepp-sdk-js before IRIS

Dear developers and partners,

As you may already know the aeternity network will be having a scheduled node upgrade - IRIS, which was voted for via a community vote and is now prepared to be released in the next following days.

We suggest you check the latest release candidate (and the attached release notes) for the aeternity network node on the GitHub link aeternity/aeternity/releases.

Furthermore if you are using the JS SDK - we have prepared a new release which is compatible with the changes in Iris. Please upgrade to the new Release sdk-js 8.0.0.

The SDK is backwards compatible and an upgrade should be pretty straightforward. Please take some time to check the releases and update your product/service in advance so you ensure no interruptions problems during the network upgrade can occur.

Thanks for your time and support! Please confirm the upgrade of your wallets and apps to us!


Thanks to the efforts of the eternity project, I am with you all the time! Come on! !


golang and python ,What about these SDKs, which some exchanges might use


Good question Baixin. Thank you for posting it! It will be nice to know who is still using them. Of course, all sdk need to upgrade to Iris if used.


do you know who is using the Go and/or Python SDK? just curious about this.


I don’t know who is using it, but as far as I know, very few domestic exchanges use js as their server. So I am worried that the exchange will need to reconnect to the SDK. I myself also use goloang-sdk as aeasy server, if no one maintains it, it will stop the service for a while. I am anxious

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However, if the exchange uses transfer, it can also be used without upgrading the SDK.