Maintenance Grant #2

Application Status

Status: New
Last updated: 29.05.2024
Submitted by: Keno Dressel
Team: Unit 214 GmbH
Volume: €10.000

Specify the funding category

Open Source Development, and Community Growth.

Application Title

Maintain, improve and and support aeternity development tools and other open source projects in the crypto technologies and blockchain space.


The Applicant has been a vibrant participant in the crypto community since its inception, actively contributing to a multitude of open-source crypto projects. The Applicant’s engagement spans from direct development contributions to offering support and resources, underscoring its commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the cryptocurrency sector. Through its collaborative efforts and expertise, the Applicant has played a pivotal role in advancing the capabilities and reach of various crypto technologies, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to enhancing the open-source crypto landscape. This involvement not only highlights Applicant’s expertise in blockchain technology but also its contribution to the broader community, promoting a more decentralised and open digital future.

Value Application

This grant commitment is designed to support the Grantee’s efforts to maintain, improve and
and support aeternity development tools and other open source projects in the crypto
technologies and blockchain space with €10,000. This funding aims to foster innovation and
collaboration within the aeternity ecosystem, encouraging the creation of versatile and robust
blockchain solutions. By supporting these endeavours, the grant enhances the ecosystem’s
capacity for technological advancement and community engagement, contributing to its
overall growth and sustainability.


At the end of the grant period, produce a release of the source code that is published under the ISC Open Source License within the unit 214 GitHub organisation space at


The grant is awarded based on a project proposal developed by the Applicant. The funding provided by the Foundation is intended to support the development and execution of this project, with the aim of achieving specific outcomes as outlined in our proposal. The funds provided under this grant are not a remuneration for services rendered. Instead, they are allocated to support the activities and objectives of the Applicant as detailed in the project proposal. It is understood that achieving these specific outcomes is aspirational and not a contractual obligation. This grant emphasises progress and innovation over the completion of predetermined deliverables, allowing for adaptability and exploration in the project’s execution.