[Maintenance] IRIS is live on the æternity mainnet

Dear developers and partners,

ACF is happy to announce that the main æternity network will be upgraded to Iris today (June 1, 2021).

Please find the Iris release (and the attached release notes) for the æternity network node on the GitHub link Iris .

The full Iris functionality will be activated on the block 441444, on ca 10 June 2021, around 9:11am UTC.

Furthermore if you are using the JS SDK please upgrade to the latest Release sdk-js 8.1.0 .

All related and supported software by æternity had been upgraded to Iris.

Please check the releases and their nodes and upgrade your software products and services in order to ensure no interruptions problems can occur.

Thanks for your support!


Wow amazing

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good job!when superchain?


When will the 6.1 version be updated?

Version 6.0 (Iris release) has been released 3 days ago as you can see above in this thread: Release Iris release · aeternity/aeternity · GitHub

Don’t think there is a need for a version 6.1 right now?

Version 6.0 has been updated, but I am more concerned about the implementation of the hyperlink in version 6.1

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Dear @Obama, the hyperchains are presently made Iris compatable. The private hyperchains are in testing. The public hyperchains are still in development and takes some time to be presented to to the public. So the devs need some time to make a stable release.


Ok thanks for sharing

Is there any use case of zero knowledge proof?