Making AE more visible in public

I think you all know and make use of CoinMarketCap as a ranking and quick check of all main Crypto.

My alternative favorite is CoinGecko which shows much more info and details about each Crypto. E.g. important info about the chain and its tech and status.

I like their quarterly overall market reports, too.

When we check CoinGeckos provided chain info about our beloved AE its only ‘?’ means Zero. Means no info.

I’d like to suggest that the public-relations-team contacts CoinGecko to provide the impressive info about the consenus type, the TPS rate, amount of nodes, mined blocks etc. to improve visibility of AE and its outstanding features.

As far as I know and remember CoinGecko usually reacts and implements such info, quickly.


Thank you for the suggestion! We will get in touch with them this week.

Soon the community will be able to help with similar and even much more complex marketing activities. We will do an announcement soon :slight_smile: