Marco Walz from kryptokrauts / 51nodes

Hey everyone,

my name is Marco and I am an æmbassador located in Stuttgart, Germany. I got interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in spring 2017 and quickly discovered æternity. In march 2019 I held my first and since then only talk about aeternity on a technical meetup in Stuttgart.

I am working at 51nodes - a blockchain focused consultancy in Suttgart.

In early 2018 kryptokrauts was born which is still a spare time project of former colleagues and myself.

As we at kryptokrauts are all software developers we are trying to support æternity as much as possible by providing useful stuff (tools and æpps) for the æcosystem. We are actively maintaining following projects:

  • aepp-sdk-java
    • the unofficial SDK targeting Java and Kotlin developers
  • contraect-maven-plugin
    • a maven plugin to generate Java classes from smart contracts in Sophia
    • the Java classes provide typed functions and allow to easily deploy smart contracts and interact with their functions using our aepp-sdk-java
  • aenalytics
    • we will provide a new user-centric interface to analyze the activities happening on the æternity blockchain
    • focus is on the AENS
    • we plan to involve the community in the decisions what (missing) features should be implemented next by making use of the governance app

Besides that we have some cool stories to share with you:

And most recently we published a deep dive article about the Superhero platform which I haven’t advertised yet. It’s available here:

If you want to get in touch with me/us and stay up to date you have following options:

Best regards,