Mark from AEChina community


Hi Everyone there,I am Mark,from china. Today I want to join the ambassador program, please check the following informations.
I found the AEchina community in the beginning of the Part II of the program. and then I created the QQ group and wechat group.
In china , the most popular chating software is QQ and wechat,
For the QQ group, I created the first one now has 2000people(640677781). For the second group now has more than 1400 people(702175999).
For the Wechat group, I created now 3 groups total more than 1200 people. You can add: abinble to join us!
And also for another software which is knowlege globle(called AE中国=AEChina) now has more than 2300 people. It is a place very good for the ae information speard.
My community waibo: AEChina_cn focus on the AE team news and program news as well.
For now the AEchina community more than 6000people and I believe more and more people are joining in and spread the ae.

大家好,我是AE金刚狼,来自中国。 今天我想加入大使计划,请看以下介绍。
我在AE二期时于国内最早建立QQ群,建立AEchina社区。 然后我创建了QQ群和微信群。
对于QQ群,我创建了第一个拥有2000人(640677781)的人。 对于第二个现在有超过1400人(702175999)。
对于微信群组,我现在创建了3个小组,总计超过1200人。 您可以添加:abinble加入我们!
而另一个知道知识星球的软件(被称为AE中国= AEChina)现在拥有超过2300人。 这是一个非常适合ae信息的地方。


well done! AEchina_cn


Well done, Mark~I’m here too.


Thank you for the supporting (:smile:


You are the “Dr.Liu” that I know?:sunglasses:


well done!you do a great job, AE-Mark!


Mark has done good job all the time for AE’s community.


Well done , I am very glad to join your group. Include QQ, Wechat, knowlege globle and weibo.Thank you


welldone! AE TO MOON


Hello, everyone, I come from China, I am through QQ group to AE, in mark to create group has many masters, Dr. Liu, for example, because they share with us the principle of AE and technology, I can establish the recognition of AE go now, thanks to the people pay, hope to attach importance to AE official propaganda for the Chinese market, it is a large potential market, thank you!


I konw you


AEchina_cn 把中国大便申请到手,支持


Hello Mark and hello to the others! We are super happy to have you here!


good job Mark ae to the moon


good job Mark ae to the moon




Well done!!!

Come on!!!


Tremendous work. Keep the ball rolling.