Meetup 28/6/2019 Abuja Nigeria

The Meetup I hosted on the 28/6/2019 had a discussion around Blockchain and its pillars (Decentralization, Transparency, Immutability).
We also looked at aeternity Blockchain, smart contracts contract approach, state channel, oracle, and also why people should deep-dive into aeternity.
We looked at the entertainment industry as a use case. This is because it is one of the thriving industry in Nigeria and across Africa but it has a lot of problems with it. For instance, recording artist find it very difficult to secure their work and there by having a lot of piracy happening. This is not just peculiar to the music industry even film.
There is a serious problem with the issue of managing artist/ actors. This is because the managers negotiate on their behalf and at the end of the day leaving the entertainers with almost nothing. This is indeed a problem that needs a long lasting solution; and during the meetup we agreed that the blockchain can give a more viable solution to this problem.
Since the blockchain-empowered rights and payments layer it could provide easy ways for people from all over the world to license, buy, stream, collaborate, and literally invest in music projects with full transparency using smart contracts technology.
Things like Tokenized Rights Management, Music Creators & Producers can earn from users investing in their work via purchasing tokens, and Total Transparency & Data Protection.
Not forgetting the dacade course i shared my link and encourage them to register and not just register but to able to finish the online courses


Great use case for the music industry! There are several solutions on other blockchains already I think, would be great to see an AE use case with state channels for IP management. Maybe one of our Starfleet projects is also working in this direction as well already (YAIR). Here are the videos from Samson’s meetup last month :camera_flash:

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Great ideas indeed! I think æternity’s state channels are perfect for a music streaming service and for quickly remunerating rights owners :wink:

Keep up the good work!


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