Meetup 36 UNEXCA-CARACAS Group 1 05032020 MODULE 4: Tools and Methods for Project Execution


MODULE 4: Tools and Methods for Project Execution. Canvas Business Model. Business plan. Tools to evaluate the feasibility of blockchain projects. Road Map, Risk Analysis.

The objective of this module is to guide the participants in the preparation of the initial canvas of their possible project, considering the 9 blocks of the model oriented to the evolution of project fatcibility using the aeternity blockchain

I inform you that this day was postponed because of the planned events at the university, next week the program will continue. I will keep you informed, regards

For reasons of force majeure as a result of the enraged attack of the coronavirus worldwide, and as part of the preventive measures adopted by government entities, all academic activities were suspended until further notice or until the risks generated by the contingency were minimized. It will be informed in a timely manner when activities are reactivated on a daily basis. Much success and everyone to take good care of themselves. regards


Excellent Course of Blockchain Technology. I’m glad to learn about Aeternity Blockchain and the tools & methods for projects design. Our aembassador and teacher @mgomez Mr. Marcos Gómez has the potential knowledge, abilities and experience to guide us in the aeternity blockchain world!

Here we go!