Meetup abuja ambassador

It was yet another privilege for me to talk about aeternity in the meetup i hosted, I was able to discuss about aeternity in general, smart contract and oracles.
I started by introducing blockchain to my new participants and then referred them to, I now explained how aeternity have solved the problem of scalability with the innovative way of introducing state channels where by smart contracts can be executed and apart from being private, these smart contract settlements are extremely fast. This is because they are executed off chain and these state channels will not be slowed down due to other contracts that are being executed, i explained oracle which is probably one of the most important parts of the Aeternity blockchain. I explained the role of oracles how it essentially connect the blockchain to real world data. And also how the decentralized future of the Oracles will help in providing tamperproof data that will then be used in the calculations of the smart contracts. And how Oracles are useful for events such as market prediction, betting and other defined outcomes. We also discussed about the last meetup use case of digital identity and how to come up with a prototype.
We talk about one of the more straightforward use cases for blockchain in eCommerce which is the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of more secure, fee-free payment.


That is great @Nafty, thank you for your work!

@Nafty Great! Waiting to see some results, let’s get coding :muscle: