Meetup Aeternity - Dacade Blockchain- smart contracts 101 - Valencia Venezuela

As part of our efforts to give more education to more people we were in Contraloria Municipio Valencia with Dacade course Blockchain 101.

Atendees were very happy and hunger for info, this time they got what they expected. No many questions, many asking for more courses, we will be planing Web nad Sophia courses with some of them in 2020.

As always, the ideas spin around transparency, total acces/control of info.

We know 2020 will be great for Venezuela and for Aeteernity community in order to grow and outreach more people and talent.

Video of this activity here


Great! I’m sure @moritzfelipe is proud to see at work!


That’s great Ivan! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help :slight_smile:

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