Meetup Aeternity Venezuela - Dacade Blockchain 101 course at Inces Los Colorados - Valencia, Venezuela

Inces has open its classrooms for Aeternity, this is a group class with Aeternity.

This time we have videos with voice off in spanish, and it has improved a lot atendees understanding.

With this class we had several questions, such as, how to make a daepp for student control, I told them it can be made taking already made daepps.

No many questions but very excited persons willing to continue Dacade courses.

Among atendees we had Web programming teachers and they asked us to come in January after Christmas vacations to outreach students and teach them about blockchain and Sophia, we had another teacher he is senior programmer and he is very interested too, for him and his students. Surely we will back here to do that.

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