Meetup at Grate Lakes University, Computer Lab

We thank everyone that welcomed us at Grate Lakes Regional University, Kanungu,
the staff that encouraged us to keep on sharing with their students in terms of Technology.

These are the topics we covered.

  • Introducton to Blockchain
  • Aeternity blockchain
  • Features of aeternity blockchain
  • Programming Languages
  • Smart contract programming Languages
  • Sophia Smart contract programming Language
  • platform and what skills and benefits someone can achieve from it.

We also looked at the current challenges being faced in our country, talked about the E-voting platform that has been developed by Makerere University of Business School and how a decentralized blockchain based one would be advantageous than it.

Most of the æpps were introduced to these students, and what they can be used for, base æpp, explorer and voting æpp.

Introduced these students to our social media platform, forum, telegram and encouraged them to engage in daily participation to develop their knowledge about blockchain, shared with them how our telegram Tiping Bot works and how they wuld be Tiped if the become active in our group.


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