Meetup at Nhub, Jos


The meetup was held on 28th January, 2019, and it was a great time discussing the aeternity starfleet and the online hackathon hosted by aeternity Africa (What the Hack). A number of the developers showed great interest in learning Sophia language which I referred them to the forum and the aeternity tech twitter handle. We were able to also look at a use case on waste management and also some of the developers indicated interest to begin to work on that. I had about 65 participants.

this is an Instagram link


Great job! Would be nice if you are able to record these in the future. Can start an aembassador playlist in the aeternity YouTube channel. :slight_smile:


Yes, Instagram is not the best place for this kind of videos :wink:


Ok. Like record everything from the start to the end?


hahahah… OK. I will look for better platforms or like Vlad said, we can have it on aeternity youtube channel


Try to make a compilation of 5 minutes please


Here are the videos from the meetup :slight_smile:

Video 1

Video 2 - question from audience

Video 3 - question from the audience