Meetup at Rantya Jos, Nigeria


We had a good time talking about the Starfleet and aeternity Africa virtual hackathon. Those who attended today are engaged in different SMEs and were greatly interested in applying for the Starfleet. Also we discussed extensively on how to use blockchain and solve food shortage in Nigeria and West Africa because hunger is a threat to the country and region. Another use case we looked at is the fashion industry and if blockchain can be used to improved the industry because some of the participants are into fashion design and tailoring.
I had 30 people in attendance.


Hey @Steviekusu,

Thank you so much, these sound like really interesting use cases.
Please make sure all those projects apply for Starfleet 2, the application process is now open :slight_smile:
And great photos!



I am doing a follow up and making sure we have these projects apply for the Starfleet 2. Thank you too