Meetup @ Gombe State University and Adamawa State University

Meetup at Gombe State University, Adamawa State University was successful and engaging .
Topic discussed: was introduction to Blockchain, basic features of Blockchain technology
Explain how Blockchain Cannot be Corrupted.
How real life issues can be solve on Blockchain
Aeternity Blockchain
Features of Aeternity
State channel
Aeternity Universe one conference

At Gombe State University after the explanation they came up with a use case of an insurance policy, how blockchain’s ability to provide complete accountability, transparency and superior security will help insurers save time and money, as well as improve customer satisfaction.
We bring out some of the challenges the insurance industry are facing, Insurance companies currently face a number of challenges as it relates to complex compliance issues, limited growth in mature markets, fraudulent claims activity, third party payment transactions and handling huge amounts of data. The Blockchain does provide foundational technology that promotes trust, transparency and stability. Although Blockchain is in the early stages of adoption, but there are already a handful of ways that insurers are leveraging the technology to mitigate the above mentioned challenges like, security, big data, third party transportation, smart contract and reinsurance.
While in Adamawa State University after explaining the technology they came up with a student repository system, Where students can access their results regardless of where they are. Because as at the year 2014 there was a boko haram insurgent that led to students running away from the school and some have never return since then, part of the student result where burnt, so most of them couldn’t get their results. This led to the students idea of the student repository system where you can access your result and also transcripts wherever you are.
The audience were students from the department of Computer science, economics, accounting and business management. !Gombe State University GSU%23|375x500 (upload://btLeqsBFejM8iNEkvO85qgVuDub.jpeg) ! Gombe State University GSU%23|375x500
Gombe State University Gombe State University Gombe State University Adamawa State University Adamawa State University Adamawa State University


Here is a shot video from Gombe State University

Here is the video from Adamawa State University