Meetup in Bilbao with Bilbao Blockchain Asociation and possible partnership we


Guys I’m on fire!!!:tada::tada::tada:

Yesterday I did a Meetup in Bilbao with the Blockchain Asociation of Bilbao. In front of me I had mostly developers and some crypto aficionados. Around 18 people. The really cool thing is that there were two guys from a company called Blockchers.
They basically manage funds from the European Union for Blockchain implementation in small and medium business, less than 250 workers.
They liked a lot Aeternity, specially the Starfleet program and our intention to help everyone that want to build Daepps.
They proposed me a Partnership ( of course with not cost)
How do they work?
Basically projects that want to access to those funds need to present a proposal and a signed letter of intentions with the company(less than 250 workers) to which they want to create a Blockchain solution. People can choose if they want to build it in whatever open of permissioned Blockchain of their choice, the idea here is that we could get our logo in their webpage and we could provide assistance to the projects that want to be build in Aeternity.
This afternoon I ll meet them again in the Meetup I’ll do in San Sebastian around 7pm

Please guys need your help to know how Aeternity wants to proceed with the possible partnership.

Please have a look at their website




This sounds great! Manel you are the man :slight_smile:

Let’s connect on email again and we can organize a call as a kickoff


Great to hear this @Manel ! :star_struck::clap::clap:
Apart from Blockchers, did the meetup participants have any particular questions or interest in æternity? Did you develop some use case ideas?


The difference between lighting network and State Channels. I think it would be cool to do a video showing how superior are State Channels :love_you_gesture:


Ok, let’s do that. Later on I ll send you his email.
There are 40 teams that submitted a proposal, maybe through this partnership we can offer them guidance so they choose us instead of Ethereum or Hyperledger​:love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:
They will do another edition by autumn :sparkles: