Meetup in Castellón with Blocks and Beers


Hi guys,

On Thursday I did a Meetup in Alicante. There is a big community of cryptoenthusiasts there called "Blocks and Beers":smiley:.
Some of them invested en the Aeternity ICO, there was a huge interest on knowing how the project is progressing. We had an interesting conversation on who to find ways to secure that Oracles Don’t act maliciously.
They made me an interview that I will post as soon as I have it.
Really, don’t underestimate little communities of small towns, sometimes they are much more opened and active that people in big cities that sometimes are a bit collapsed of too many things going on on their cities.


Hello @Manel, thanks for sharing these pics. We’ll be waiting the interview

Great job!! :clap::clap::clap: