Meetup in Hack a Bos - A Coruña

Hi everyone!

I had a meetup in the developers hub “Hack a Bos” in A Coruña! There were around 16 people and I had to say that it was tough they made hard technical questions but also they like it a lot, they are going to do the courses and with @erik93 we created a Telegram group of Galicia that I think it will keep growing. They like a lot our approach to the Oracles and some of the questions they made are:

  • If Aeternity wants to be a scalable smart Contract platform why we haven’t choosen proof of Stake as a consensus mechcanism?
  • what kind of team can have more chances to succeed in the Starfleet Program?
  • can you confirm when it’s going to be the next Starfleet program edition?
    -the development tools are shared
  • do we plan to have some mechanism to connect with other Blockchains?
  • is there something like Metamask in Aeternity?

I really have to say that they were so nice and they sincerely liked the Aeternity project, let’s make the community grow in the north of Spain little by little.
I really think that if the focus of Aeternity is to have coders creating Dapps in it’s ecosystem places like this should be the ambassadors target


Great @Manel, thank you for your work and dedication! We definitely need devoted developers to come on board :slight_smile:

Concerning the questions:

  • Proof of Stake cannot guarantee that a blockchain will remain decentralized. In fact, it only contributes to the rich getting richer. We believe that a public blockchain should be first and foremost as decentralized as possible. Proof of Work has its pros and cons of course, but æternity has found its way to address them - æternity is using the Bitcoin-NG consensus algorithm paired with the Cuckoo Cycle hashing algorithm. Read more about that approach here:
  • The criteria for the Starfleet incubator concern the stage of the project, whether it has a well-structured team and a clear idea, whether the use-case really benefits from the use of blockchain etc. @ellie can tell you more about that and about the future editions of the Starfleet :slight_smile:

  • I will get someone from the dev team to answer this, but as far as I know - Not yet.

  • Yes, we do :slight_smile: It’s called Waellet and we already have a beta version. Follow the progress here:


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@erik93 here there are some more pictures of the Galicia meetup!

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