[Update] Week #18 - Waellet - browser wallet extension


[Week #18] Waellet - development update


After the initial public beta, I’ve iterated a few times over the release, and it is now published in the Chrome Web Store!

During the past weeks, what’s been done was mostly communication and aligning efforts with base aepps team.

Discussions about the AEX-2 and other AEXs related to wallets and keystore.

And finally descision on how to proceed with the aepp connection between a decentralized application and the browser wallet.

Development side the most time was put and worked over the tipping functionality and the Sophia smart contracts for the waellet which can be seen here.


  • added repaid property tip
  • rename date > timeframe
  • work on the contract structure
  • initial challenge
  • add modifiers and withdraw function
  • basic tipping
  • website and tip records
  • more in github :slight_smile:

Keep in mind it is still a BETA. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Week #18 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update
Meetup in Hack a Bos - A Coruña
Week #18 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update

Great! Thank you, also for this Video


Here is some feedback,

  1. UI - When clicking on “generate new wallet” the “loading sign” is a bit to the left (not in the center)
  2. UI - The three dots here don’t do anyting:
  3. UI - I am not sure if this “copy button” does anything:
  4. UI - If I go to “send” - I can’t go back to the main screen (I have to close the extension and re-open)
  5. UI - Closing the extension and opening it selects Testnet automatically.
  6. UI - Send-to address is displayed in a weird way:
  7. Sending of the full amount that is available on the account does not work. The “loading sign” never disappears. Maybe a warning should be added that states the maximum amount that can actually be sent.


Thanks for the feedback!


Everything was addressed in this weeks development and will be released beginning next week.

Few points to add:
The top menu was intended to be used as navigation so point 4. is already solved (Account > My Account). But since it was not intuitive that it works this way we should work more on UX.


Nevertheless a button was added to the Receive and Send sections to go back to the main screen.


Also point 5. the testnet - it is intentionally done this way, so that people try it out with caution and if they want to do something on the mainnet they should switch every time. When we are ready with a stable release it will be turned back to normal.

Also some indication will be added to show you what network you are on.