Meetup in Jos, Nigeria @ Ujay


on the 16th November, we had a very wonderful time with a group of blockchain enthusiast who came to learn about why they should use ethereum or any other blockchain but aeternity’s. We discussed about smart contracts, security, scalability and Oracles. We are like wildfire.
I sent out invitation for about 30 people and I had 41 people came for the meetup…hahaha. 2 of my participants came from Kaduna, Nigeria (4hrs drive to Jos where the meetup was held). One of the participants asked how aeternity’s can help him use the blockchain to step up the Agro services he renders, since Jos is known growing vegetables and the potential is yet untapped. One of the participants from Kaduna asked me if it is possible to have his app run on aeternity’s blockchain. There were other questions but these two were a bit engaging. :wink:


Thank you so much @Steviekusu,
Great photos and great engagement!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I’ts great to see how people around the world are giving their time and efforts to the aeternity project!


Thank you @ae-albena. Your support keeps me going