Meetup in Jos, Nigeria


Had a very massive meetup yesterday in Jos, Nigeria. We are taking over guys😎


Hey @Steviekusu, thank you so much for sharing this :grinning:


Great picture, @Steviekusu :slight_smile:

Tell us more about the topics you discussed during the meetup!


basically it was about how to initiate the state channel and creating Daepp on the blockchain.
Today i will be having a meetup where we intend to come with some good use cases


Been there once, nice and potential country, wish having good chance in the blockchain and aeterntiy!


We will take the country by storm. The grass root approach gives it a better chance of surviving. During the meetup I hosted on Sunday and today, I have interacted with great minds and I am sure aeternity will give them the platform


Here is an overview of the meetup:

Our new Nigerian æmbassador Stephen Sunday held his first meetup with over 20 Computer Science students at the University of Jos. A group of 5 programmers want to start learning Sophia and the audience discuss how to start creating æpps and utilizing the AE token. Stephen pointed out æternity blockchain’s advantages by using state channels. They would particularly like to see a project where æternity is implemented for waste management. Another suggestion was to create an æpp for insurance similar to SafeRide Africa in East Africa. æternity is excited to see Stephen’s new activities in Nigeria and we are happy to welcome more developers in our æpps ecosystem!