Meetup in Keffi

My experience as a travelling ambassador has given me some answers to why developers are not so fascinated about blockchain development. I was at the Nasarawa state university Keffi where I hosted a meetup with some developers in the school and from experience developers within the state. Some of the developers and students told me the reason why they shy away from blockchain development is because the blockchain algorithm is difficult to understand and so this makes them not to be interested. I was able to help them understand they dont need to know the blockchain algorithm but to understand how the blockchain works and how they can create aepps. Introduced aeternity to them and why aeternity is ahead of other blockchain platforms and why they should learn aeternity’s smart contract because so far it is the most simplest of all the smart contract languages I have come across.

watch the video

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Interesting perspective. @Steviekusu please also check these articles to help you convince these developers :slight_smile:

Here are some more details about this meetup in Keffi:

Location: Nasarawa state university, Keffi

Number of participants: 46

Questions by the audience: Can aeternity’s blockchain algorithm be accessed by the public? How many nodes are running on aeternity currently and where are the most nodes found?How possible is it to mine AE with windows?

Possible æpps use cases: We had the same use cases like the previous meetups coming up like payment solution, agriculture, education and land titles and we just discussed about them and hoping to eventually work on Land title after they are done with their dacade course.