Meetup in Lafia

Hosted a meetup at the Federal University Lafia and some of the developers within Lafia also came around to see what we have to offer. This was my first meetup with these participants and we looked at some of aeternity’s features like State channels, Oracles Bitcoin-NG and Governance. Also gave a highlight on blockchain and how blockchain promotes decentralization across systems. I referred them all to and since there were some experienced developers during the meetup I asked them to take the aeternity course and gave them some guidelines on how to finish the course and make submission. The computer science department of the University is the only department that conducts her departmental elections electronically; We agreed that we will make port it to blockchain and have the whole school use the system for all electoral functions in the school and eventually all tertiary institutions in Lafia.
Here is a link to the video of the event.