Meetup in León with Alex Casas friend of Yani

Hi guys!

I did a Meetup in León in the Edificio Rojo de la Agencia de Innovación tecnológica de León.

There were 11 assistants and two of them they were BItcoin maximalists, I have to confess that this is been my hardest meetup of all the tour cause those two assistants were doubting all the time of the possibility of Aeternity to achieve some of it’s goals.

It was a shared meetup in which Alex Casas was introducing DappNode, basically it’s an open software that makes so easy for non technical users to run their own nodes of different chains. He proposed to have the installation nodes package for Aeternity it’s a process that it’s so easy, the only thing is that you need to be updating it if there’s any actualization
It will give us a lot of exposure. @erik93
Those Bitcoin maximalists liked the idea of the State Channels as something similar to the lighting network, I guess the main advantage of state channels being free txs and that you can do smart contracts on it as well as it contains logic.
They asked if in Aeternity we have our own server for Dapps, something like the Nfuria in Ethereum.
And they remarked the importance of running your own node.
They asked howany nodes have Aeternity at the moment and that if they are runed by the core team.

Also they doubted of the possibility of implementing the Oracles cause it will be imposible to make sure that they are providing the right information, in case we start making harder the process to be malicious through a reputation system or some staking they say that for the Oracles it will not be worth to exist :neutral_face:.

Also Alex Casas is in the organization of the Non-Central Conf a crypto event so cool in which some of the most interesting projects are coming to share a week talking about technology and exposing the most interesting projects, they would love to have someone from the Core team explaining Aeternity improvements and goals!


Something that I forgot to add:

Those BTC maximalists said something that it’s interesting…
They say in proof of work it’s inherent the proof of stake for governance cause if there is a big diagreement on the development the chain splits and the majority sells it’s tokens and the minoritary chain losses it’s value…

It makes quite sense🤔

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Hey @manel, can you please connect Alex Casas with our event manager Nikolina Petkova at [email protected] so they can discuss whether someone from the team could take part in the Non-Central Conf.


Concerning the possibility of oracles being malicious, Tobias gave you a detailed answer here:

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I just ask Dimitar Ivanov for a short and simple description of the difference between AE’s Virtual State Channels and Bitcoin’s Lightning network and here’s his answer:

“Lightning is a payment channels’ network while AE’s VSCs will provide the infrastructure for state channels’ network”

Which means that they can be used not only for payments but for any other kind of transactions.