Meetup Maracay Venezuela - ubikalo

Last thrusday we could have a really nice meeting for employees of an Airline.
In the morning we introduces them to blockchain and crypto basics. None of them knew about It.
After Lunch we dived in Aeternity presentation, dacade educational program and we had an interesting conversación about Aeternity as a potential problema solution in our country and in Airline day to day operations.
Some questions came Up:

  • do I have to be a programmer? No, you can have an idea, build a team and make a daepp. This does not mean you can not learn to program yourself
  • does Aeternity have support for newbies? I think Aeternity has the most active and powerful colaborative community to support all of us.
  • is dacade for free?? Why? Yes dacade courses a free. Very complete. And now the first one is completly in spanish. Why? Aeternity wants to find and create a powerful programing community in the Planet.
  • if I have an idea, how can I make It as a daepp ? There some ways, learning, asking community help.
    These were done if the questions.

Loyalty program for airline customers
Employees records
Payment options
Aircraft timeline records
Pilots registered


Video link


Nice case uses! those cases are totally viable. We should do a followup plus if they are really interested we can help them develop the ideas.

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