Meetup @ Ojokoro, Held on the 2nd of June

I hosted a meetup in Ojokoro, Lagos, Nigeria on the 2nd of June. An introduction of Aeternity Blockchain was done and we had an awesome discussion on how Aeternity Blockchain was looking to solve a variety of problems in the present world and economy. Participants took interest in Opening a wallet to store their cryptocurrency(ies) and as suggested they took to downloading the Airgap wallet and Airgap vault. I had a swell time putting them through the wallet setup process and it was a huge success, Most of them said they would advice their friends and families to also setup a wallet because most were new to the idea of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
We also discussed about the courses available on and most of them will be taking the courses on in the coming weeks (starting with the “Introduction to Blockchain” course). I also asked them to give some ideal solutions to real world issues currently facing Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
One of the attendees, Kenny, said he was really concerned about the difficulty/speed of remitting payments. He said he wasn’t into programming or coding but really wished he was, so he could take a look at the sophia code and see what he could build on the Aeternity platform to solve this particular problem. I suggested he took the “Aeternity Developer 101 Introduction” course on and encouraged him to play around with a few examples which he agreed to.
Meetup was good overall and i expect some more progress in the coming weeks.

Here are some pictures from the meetup.


Great work @cryptofridge! :clap::star_struck: I will share some more details about this meetup:

Number of participants: 16

Topics presented: We discussed about the Aeternity Blockchain, step by step process of setting up the Airgap Vault and Airgap wallet, courses available on, probable solutions that Aeternity Blockchain can solve, the development of æpps and how to set up a telegram account to allow users communicate with the telegram bot.

Questions by the audience: Is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency fully regulated? What are the issues that could arise from the lack of regulation in this space? Will Aeternity Blockchain Have a DEX soon? Can I benefit from if I don’t have any coding skills?

Possible æpps use cases: Someone brought up the idea of an Escrow platform powered by aeternity blockchain. She said the reason why she brought up the use case is because she noticed that a lot of people were getting scammed of their hard earned money when they tried to purchase items online, especially on instagram, facebook and twitter. I was able to contact a friend who had an idea of the sort some months back who resides in japan. He said they already have an MVP but will be willing to do something using the Aeternity Blockchain, Link to the MVP is

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