Meme Contest! 🎭

Have you ever wanted to create memes, but just didn’t find the time? You’re a passionate Meme Mæker, but you haven’t really bothered making memes about anything crypto? Now’s your chance to get started! :raised_hands: :trophy: :ghost: :man_surfing: :kick_scooter:

Create memes around the æternity project and its æcosystem and earn rewards in AE tokens! :moneybag:

All Meme Mækers participating in the Contest are in contention if their content:

  • Is unique
  • Reaches the minimum rewards threshold
  • Complies with the guidelines

A reward in Æ coins corresponding to the meme’ impressions and social activity at the end of each month can be claimed, as long as the necessary analytics are provided. Any social media platform that provides proficient analytics tools to verify views/impressions is allowed (e.g. Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), if you are not sure if the platform regarding the platform you’ll upload your memes on, feel free to reach out to @erik.chain.

Meme mækers are required to claim their rewards through this form on the last day of each month at the latest. Claims can only include statistics generated within the current month. Late submissions disqualify for rewards.

Rewards & Boosts:

  • 125 AE per 1000 views/impressions
  • 50 AE per 20 Likes/Upvotes
  • 50 AE per 20 Retweets/Shares
  • 20 AE per 5 unique comments (max. 100 AE per meme)


Each meme needs to mention at least ONE of the features of the æternity Blockchain protocol:

  • Erlang
  • Sophia,
  • State Channels,
  • Oracles
  • AENS
  • Generalized Accounts
  • Bitcoin-NG
  • Hyperchains

Generally, the content can be engaging and entertaining but is required to highlight the utility of the æternity blockchain.

Please refer to the Meme Contest Reward Form for more information regarding the Terms and Conditions of this Bounty.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask here in the comments or reach out to @erik.chain.


Already started working on it :smiley: