Meme voting app issue

Hey guys, we are trying to make the Voting meme app (from Dacade) to work, but we get some errors.

TypeError: f.default is undefined

ReferenceError: Ae is not defined
Sdk 3.3.0

We tried the original one from Dacade directly from aepps but we got the same issue. Any thoughts?

I would like to see this aepp working and improved to launch on mainnet. Good luck~

Hello Omar,

I’m moritz from dacade. There is currently a bug in the sdk. That’s why it’s not working, but the devs know about it and will fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest!
If you have anymore question you can also ask me on telegram: @moritz_felipe.


Thanks Felipe! Do we have a work around on the meantime?

Hello Omar,
its working now. Thanks a lot @piwo for the fix.
You just need to update the aepp-sdk.browser.js file. You can find the updated version here:

If you have anymore question, please let me know.
Looking forward to your submission!