Middleware release 1.34.0

This new release contains mostly improvements for the CI/CD workflow and a few upgrades to some of the endpoints that now contain additional information.


  • Activities now contain the block hash for the block in which the activity happened (#1098) (f743612)
  • Names nested endpoints include the transaction hash for which the update/transfer/claim happened (#1104) (15bd964)
  • Channel reserves can now be seen at a specific height using the block_hash parameter on the /channels/:channel_id endpoint (#1106) (e595f0b)


  • introduce {bi, {txi, local_idx}} for precise internal txs refs (#1088) (e5df7b5)
  • ci: conditional dockerhub build env (#1103) (184b112)
  • ci: make sure workflow is triggered on push (#1097) (c8f498d)
  • remove tx hashes handling on int contract calls (#1099) (706b785)

NOTE: This release requires a new full-sync of the middleware database