Migration from AirGap Wallet to nano ledger s



I migrated my AE tokens to AirGap Wallet, but would like to transfer them now to my nano ledger wallet. Is it possible to do that directly without sending them back to an ETH wallet?


Hello @ppeloton

Your case is a bit tricky, in your case if you have migrated your tokens already through the Aepp Token Migration application then you have sent them to a Ethereum Contract, which collects these coins and maps them appropriately, so that in the second stage they get added to the Hard Fork.

Now, you said that you have used the AirGap Vault for this process, this means that your AE Tokens have already been migrated, but they are not available to you until the Hard Fork.

Now, it is crucial that you do not lose the aeternity account (aeternity account is the account that starts with ak_ and the ERC20 Account is your ethereum account that starts with 0x) in the AirGap Vault since there you have your public and private keys.

The moment that the Hard Fork happens, you then will have access to your aeternity coins. But for now if you have already migrated your tokens, then until the hard fork you won’t be able to move them.

What I would suggest is:

  • Do not delete the account in AirGap
  • Keep your AirGap Vault safely
  • You can install AirGap Wallet which connects with your Vault and later after the hard-fork, you can transfer the coins to your Ledger Wallet.