Migration Issue

Hello everyone . I am having a problem with migration, it is not taking more than two fields in Input data


I am migrating with small amounts of ae to test and in the majority I have that problem except in 2

Transaction hash: 0x89d4b64d223a25cdff2791172c5c33bf4dda1c016d5f0f1b11373009cb764f05

Transaction hash: 0xf9b055c7945f9af61e445cbcf44166840e89de39d6b76d87fc19fc1afef86b4e

Transaction hash: 0x75ae14d92261d78570a7618f9c3761f272c794e597fdafb4de15e1a1507817b3

Transaction hash: 0x4e4d1535419047cc8ac34b777546d280af370ef8eaff0902828ef2f25f560e05

Transaction hash: 0x767cdf06f122f4305a5a61e283679b807aabd3f9f0b30877080f67122f50f53e

Transaction hash: 0xe13320cf1bb37f5bba244d48e7f297d9a83c4f758898a6b6527c52836782573f

Could someone give me a hand?. I do not know what to do


Are you using MyEtherWallet?

Yes, I’m trying to migrate from MEW

Hey @CapitanLawrence, we have some issues with MEW after an update of theirs.

Can you try to migrate using MetaMask for instance? Here’s a video guide:

Let us know how it goes,

I’ve never used Metamask and I have all my tokens in MEW. I’m afraid of doing it wrong and losing my AE

Don’t worry, just follow the instructions and ask us if you have concerns at any step on the way. The chance of failing using MEW is greater.

If there are issues transferring from MEW is it better to transfer from MEW to say Binance and then to my Ledger Nano S?

Hello @Stayingalive,

You can use Ledger with AirGap or the Base aepp. Please watch the video guides below before migrating and read the FAQ at the top of this page:

And ask us if you have concerns.