Migration on June 30th - cannot find tokens

Hi I followed migration guide on Jun-30-2019 using100AE token, i received a Migration Successful window but Balance said 0.00. Thought that i had to wait until “End of Phase 3: 2 September, 2019” to see balance updated, but still has not.

My ETH Transaction is here:

My AE Wallet Address i used:

can anyone please help me, really appreciate it!!!


  • Rhino

Hello! Your tokens will appear after the Lima hardfork goes through. It is scheduled for October 30, 2019. Hopefully all miners will adopt the Lima Release and the fork will go through smoothly :slight_smile:

ok thanks for the speedy reply. hope so too

I am currently looking at your transaction. It seems to me that the data load is incorrect. Please wait until after October 30 and check if you see your tokens. If not, let me know. We will find a solution for you, but keep your ETH private key (for the address where you stored your Ethereum AE tokens) safe!