Miner for aeternity


KBminer1.1.0 was released with major reforms:

1.Open KBminer for use on other platforms, not just at Minerbabe. Users who don’t like Minerbabe can add KBminer to their favorite Linux platform. Moreover, we will release the windows version later.

2.Add AE coin, support 4G + memory AMD / Nvidia card. AMD card performance has doubled compared to other Miner, and Nvidia card performance is not bad.

Please visit our website: https://en.minerbabe.com/pc.html#/ for product experience
join us: https://t.me/joinchat/Kh4-K1JgqDIzOeqzX9HCxA


Hi Minerbabe:

Thank you for the aeternity mining support!
And welcome to the aeternity forum!