Mining AE with AMD Cards


Does anyone have a successful setup on Windows to mine AE with an AMD card? I have a RX 480 4GB. I’ve tried Gminer and NB miner but I keep getting errors that my graphics card is not compatible with the Cuckoo 29 AE algo.

Does mining AE with AMD only work in a Linux OS?

I want to join the AE family, but am having some troubles!



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As much as I know, you can’t mine with AMD 4 GIG.
Unfortunately For AMD you need 6GIG.
I think this is driver restriction .

AMD has a software with name of ROCm.
You have to contact miner developer like Lolminer
or Bminer

maybe they can solve the puzzle with ROCm.

it worth a try, AE has most potential between all possible mining coins.

Thanks Zaman! I eventually found the higher VRAM requirement online. I was finding posts from years ago when a 4GB might have worked with AE.

Maybe I’ll switch my ETH rig over to AE depending on AE does the next few days.

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