mining. how to start? show instructions. THANK YOU

I just want to start mining, I have a video of 1050, so I decided to mine aeternity. Tell me how to start and what you need to do to start mining aeternity? you can give a link to this topic, I just did not find it. Thank you and sorry for the too stupid question, but just starting to get into the mining topic.


Hello @headkill-007, welcome.

The question is not stupid at all. Currently there is a couple of ways you can start mining:

  1. You can use the main node once you configure it for mining:

  2. You can mine within a pool with gminer:

Have fun!

Edit: Keep in mind there are several pools to choose from, I just posted a guide that happens to be written by 2miners but feel free to study all your options.


Thank you for sharing those links.

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