Mining: Preparation


For those more familiar with the algorithm AE has elected to utilize, what is some decent hardware I can start accumulating in preparation?

Jul 27th-Aeternity+8BTC forum AMA 22QAs summary

I would recommend checking the git repo of cuckoo cycle for an up to date info on hardware. A GPU like NVIDA 1080Ti seems to be a good choice.


Any official introduction about mining?


We have documentation on building and setting up a node - that would be an entry point for starting a mining node. We will provide an intro into mining topics, bur right now it is work in progress.


Looking forward to pointing my rig at the AE project - it will feel nice to mine for a project I believe in and not just at hype :smiley:


Nice! :slight_smile: Thank you, appreciate it!


Can i will mine on 1050Ti and RX470 or 580?


Hey @Bahtiy,

We just asked our devs about that and they’ll get back to you with an answer.

The AE Team


Hello @Bahtiy ,

for the æternity testnet and mainnet launch, we will use the cuckoo cycle implementation, as provided by John Tromp. This includes per default a miner for CPUs and a miner for Nvidia GPUs will be configurable. We provide instructions on how to configure this here:

You will be able to mine using the 1050Ti, but there is no implementation for AMD GPUs currently.

Kind regards,
Philipp from the Dev Team