Mining: Preparation


For those more familiar with the algorithm AE has elected to utilize, what is some decent hardware I can start accumulating in preparation?

Jul 27th-Aeternity+8BTC forum AMA 22QAs summary

I would recommend checking the git repo of cuckoo cycle for an up to date info on hardware. A GPU like NVIDA 1080Ti seems to be a good choice.


Any official introduction about mining?


We have documentation on building and setting up a node - that would be an entry point for starting a mining node. We will provide an intro into mining topics, bur right now it is work in progress.


Looking forward to pointing my rig at the AE project - it will feel nice to mine for a project I believe in and not just at hype :smiley:


Nice! :slight_smile: Thank you, appreciate it!


Can i will mine on 1050Ti and RX470 or 580?


Hey @Bahtiy,

We just asked our devs about that and they’ll get back to you with an answer.

The AE Team


Hello @Bahtiy ,

for the æternity testnet and mainnet launch, we will use the cuckoo cycle implementation, as provided by John Tromp. This includes per default a miner for CPUs and a miner for Nvidia GPUs will be configurable. We provide instructions on how to configure this here:

You will be able to mine using the 1050Ti, but there is no implementation for AMD GPUs currently.

Kind regards,
Philipp from the Dev Team


Your mining documentation is obsolete. Will you be publishing anything current???
I tried following it yesterday and the first version just installed CPU mining which seemed to work ok. Then I looked for how to get GPU mining and following your docs I broke 4 packages and dependencies related to Nvidia drivers & CUDA. I had previously installed Nvidia 396.51 metapackage in Linux Mint 19. I suspect it already had a newer version of the CUDA Toolkit it said to first install.
Also it kept telling me that ulimit was only 1024 and I should try 25496 but no where does it say how to change it.
I’m sure you know this but it will need to be a lot more user friendly before going live if you want it to catch on.