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Hey guys!

I have some dev mates who are working on something below, and they believe that it might be of interest to AE. I will quote the guys below (the text is translated), of course.

It’s called MixBytes Tank - a tool for testing and benchmarking of blockchains. In short, it’s a software system that allows developers to take any blockchain node, fill in the config on a hosting (aws \ azure \ digital ocean…), write a test, that will be doing a “something” on the blockchain, for example parses transactions and measures how long he was waiting for an answer. Our Tank can work simultaneously, with (for example): 100 virtual machines, a server for the collection of metrics and analytics and visualization, launches 100 nodes, launches lots of copies of text, and collects metrics from both - nodes and clients (this is in order for it not to mix up the falling of productivity because of a low node, with the flaws of the algorithm itself).
It can be integrated directly into development, which is extremely comfortable, after each new version, you run by this kind of benchmark (in reality that takes 30-60 minutes) and you get the exact reason as to why the system slowed down, did the average meantime increase (for example of transaction finality) and so on. The tank knows how to emulate system issues, can devide servers geographically, can work on one machine, whilst allowing for one team to start numerous modules on that machine simultaneously (for example - 3) for a developer that writes consensus mechanism. For them, those kind of tests - are really a lifesaver.
In short, it’s a cool instrument for testing and developing blockchains and distributed systems. We use it by ourselves, and we were also given a grant, for the testing of the Tank on one popular blockchain, plus we have a few more conversations with others about it.
We would love to carry on this work with Aeternity, and all the test results that we did could be made public, as, for example, protocol audits, which could give a food PR effect inside dev communities, as for a fairer way to count tps.

End of quote.

They would like to talk to someone from AE about it and see if can be interesting in any way to the AE team

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