Module 1 in the Insular University aeternity block chain Introduction

The day 18 of march,i am proud to give an introduction of aeternity blockchain and also i included topics like bitcoin and fiat currency as a start point for newcomers.

We will target system engineers students and professors of the Insular University.

I Went today to confirm the schedule and to provide some pamphlets in regard to the meeting and The computer science professor Oscar Guillard told me that,all the students are exited to learn about dapps and blockchain and that they have a great computer lab,i will soon post more feed back of this meet up.

Campo Norte, Porlamar, Nueva Esparta
9am to 10 am
march 18
Insular University Auditorium room


Hey @Luis.chain, thanks for sharing, we’ll be attentive to some highlights from this workshop

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Hi updating this meet up will postpone because of the corona virus and the new state of emergency set up by the Venezuela government.i will update with the new date for this meet up.


Hey @Luis.chain, thanks for the update.

Be safe!

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