Montréal æternity


I hosted the first informal Montréal æternity gathering yesterday! The weather had changed so fast and we were right in the middle of a crazy snowstorm. I had anticipated for this brief initial meetup to last about 1-1.5hrs but in the end everyone was having such a good time that we all stayed for 3hours!

We covered the very basics from the ground up such as what is a blockchain? what is a block?
Then moved on to the other aspects around blockchains such as miners, security, game theory, etc.
Additionally I introduced several ways to get involved in blockchain, for example learning about æternity with dacade, æternity’s starfleet program for funding and mentorship, etc.
A lot more areas were discussed as you can imagine in 3 hours!

I will update here if there are more pictures from some others


I’m glad you had such a great experience at your first meetup Justin! Hope you enjoyed it and try to further engage with those who came today! They might wanna be interested in building highly scalable æpps on æternity’s blockchain :slight_smile:


This was even after they did multiple rounds of clearing the snow