Most dapps running on aeternity can’t log in smoothly

Most dapps running on aeternity can’t log in smoothly,Including superhero,forum and others, doesn’t anyone check the performance of application development?No QA to check them?

which dapps do you mean except of superhero?

King football,Crowholding,Arkane,homeport,Abend,Assetify,Ampnet,Ridesafe,Smartcredit,Crypticle,Betacrptotask,YAIR,Version,etc. ,also include this website.

Well, this is also the case with :frowning: ,also include this website.

Do you have links to their platforms, so we can verify this statement? Some of those (which I’m in contact with) I’m sure are still not ready to be used on mainnet or haven’t yet implemented login with wallet.

Also all of those are separate apps with separate development teams which should be taking care of this.

Of course, we all are here to assist if there is an issue but noone from the abovementioned teams contacted us with problems or issues asking for assistance.


You can log in to this address( )on your mobile phone, and they are below the team’s profile photos icon.

From my perspective the aepp-wallet connection can be polished, making API more consistent, fixing some quirks, or even bugs. Also, we can define deeplinks interface on the sdk side. Would be nice to make an effort toward that.


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