Multisignature Example with Generalized Accounts

Hi there,

@mitch_lbw and I are preparing a new release of the Java SDK (v3.0.0) which will - of course - also be compatible to the new Iris hardfork. We finally managed to introduce generalized accounts, too.

As we want to make the usage of generalized accounts as smooth as possible we also want to provide an example how to make use of it.

We are considering to provide a multisignature example and want to figure out the best approach to tackle this. Can you maybe share your opinions how the flow could look like, @hanssv.chain? We were wondering whether it’s possible and suitable to call the authorize function multiple times from different accounts proposing the same transaction to get it executed or if we need to collect multiple signatures off-chain and only call the authorize function one-time?


I think that depends entirely on your use case; if possible I think gathering the signatures off-chain is more efficient. But the authorization contract is also a normal contract, with state etc., so you can definitely do multiple calls to setup a multi-sig call.


just to clarify this again. with multiple calls you mean calls of functions that are independent from the function that authorizes the transaction, right?

asking because returning false in the authorize function produces the same error as an abort. both results in following error from our first observations:

  • cannot be applied due to an error authentication_failed

so our current interpretation is that - at least using the authorize function - we can let the GA either refuse or pass the tx.


I mean normal contract calls, they don’t abort on false :sweat_smile: